Syncing Horde with cellphones – and fixing a „connection error“ Problem

17 Okt

The Horde framework is a great tool if you need a collaboration suite which is accessible from all over the world. In newer versions, Horde provides an rpc service which can be used to sync calendar-entries, contacts and notes.

I use a Nokia 5230 with an Symbian S60 5. Edition. It gives me the opportunity to sync my contacts, calendar and notes via SyncML. Wouldn’t it be great to sync these with horde, so you have always the same calendar, even if you’re offline?

Basically, all you have to setup is this:

  • open Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Data transfer > Sync (Menü > Einstellungen > Verbindungen > Datentransfer > Sync in German)
  • add a new sync profile with
  • name: Horde
  • version: 1.1
  • channel: Internet
  • connection: default
  • server address: https://path/to/horde/rpc.php
  • port: 443
  • username: your horde login name
  • password: your horde login password
  • contact database: contacts
  • calendar database: calendar
  • notes database: notes
  • (keep the default values for the rest)

Well, I would not blog about it, if it worked in the first try. My Phone said "connection error" ("Verbindungsfehler" in German). I google’d a few hours and found out only one important note: If you create a directory /tmp/sync, then horde will log some debug-output there. Horde did, and as far as I understood the files, they looked okay.

It was rather an accident that I found out what the problem was. It seems, by cellphone can’t decompress HTML-Streams. In the horde administration, select "configuration" and open the "Horde (horde)" settings. Make sure that in the "general"-Tab in the "PHP Settings" section there is no tick at $conf[compress_page]. After I removed the settings, my cellphone was happy. And me too

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